Mar 23, 2015

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Sunday Night Meets

Sunday Night Meets

We hold our car meets at various locations every Sunday from around 8:30pm to 10:30pm. Follow us on Facebook for exact time and location details. We generally post the meet information every Sunday afternoon before the meet!

When you arrive at the specified location, please drive carefully and quietly so as not to disturb any surrounding businesses or residences. Park only in marked spaces unless otherwise directed.

Walk around and check out other rides and make new friends or check out what others have brought out.

Generally around 10/10:30PM, we will call out to everyone to gather around for info about current and upcoming events as well as cruise location. Cruises are NOT to be considered a free-for-all. We do not condone any illegal activities and police are regularly looking for people breaking the law.

We have a few important rules. Please read and follow them. If you see someone breaking rules, let them know that we could lose our meet locations or they could injure themselves or someone else.


  • NO excessive noise. This means DO NOT rev, 2-step, play music loud, or use air-horns
  • NO burnouts, donuts, drifting, power-sliding, or other recklessness. There are sometimes thousands of people walking around, including families and children.
  • NO alcohol, illegal drugs or illegal weapons (CCW always OK)
  • DO NOT leave trash in the parking lot. Pick up after yourself

Be advised, the police regularly attend our events. If your car is illegally modified or you are caught doing something illegal at the meet or on the cruise, expect to get a ticket or worse. You have been warned!

Have fun! See you there!


  1. Can I bring water pipes and sell them

  2. hey guys I am having a car meet tonite and see if you guys want to head to my familys bowling alley and have some fun unlimed bowl for $12 per person so come out and have some fun and I wasn at one of ur car meeet last sunday. looking forward to seeing you guys out there the bowling place will be held at bowlero in lakewood for more info my cell is 720-345-2928

  3. Hey are these meets still going on?? I have a lifted ram 2500 and feel maybe odd but would like to go because I’m looking into buying a car such as sti or 370 but anyways just let me no. Never done this before. Thank!!

  4. Okay great thanks! What type of cars are typically come? Are the meets ever around park meadows area or Parker-castle rock area?

  5. Hey,
    I’ve only been to one meet but now that its summer ill be coming to more so add me on facebook Nate Steinbicker. just a suggestion i have is you should find a way to do text alerts to just text people where the meet is

  6. Jevonte ganzy says:

    You guys make my Sunday every night and appreciate what you guys do ,I’m only 15 so I ride out there with my uncle and his Audi a4, I will be owning a 97 civic coupe d-series automatic soon so if you guys have a plans I will appreciate that,maybe I’ll be out to your meet tomorrow night, but the best part a enjoy out of Sunday night isn’t the meet, its the cruise 😉

  7. slim lojack says:

    Love the meets

  8. This still go down? In from cali looking for something to do

  9. christian I knight says:

    I just moved to evergreen on Monday 1/19/15 I was wondwring if these meets are still going on. I’m just looking to meet some people and go to meets.

  10. Yeah Christian, they still happen when the weather permits, go ahead to follow and like ‘nationwideproductions’ on Facebook and Instagram

  11. Did anyone tape the Sunday meet 2/8/15???

  12. hey I’m just checkingsee where the meet is at tonight

  13. Were is the meet today haven’t showed anything

  14. Are subaru cool

  15. Zach Mullens says:

    Zach Black 240. Yoyoyoyo. Been along time guys!!! Hey can someone shoot me an email with Joey’s or Jamal’s phone number! I lost them and need to talk to them! Thanks

  16. I have radical sport bike…can I attend?

  17. Do you guys have alot of trucks that show up aswell? Or mainly a car meet?

    • We welcome all. There are usually a handful of trucks that show up each week. We just ask that you respect the spot and don’t ‘roll coal’, do burnouts, drive over anything or off-road.

  18. Somehow people who are new to the meets should be taught the etiquette for what happens. Last night a friend and I are standing by our cars and some young kids walk by and all of a sudden two girls are sitting on the front end of my car posing for pictures for their friends. I think regardless of what kind of car you have, we can all agree this is unacceptable. If you want to do something like that, ask the owner for permission but respect another persons car.

    • If you see something say something. We can’t be everywhere all the time, nor can we hand hold every person that comes out. It should be common sense to respect other people’s property, but we all know people still leave trash, still rev, still burnout against our wishes and clearly sit on people’s cars because they think that’s ok to do. Sadly, some people don’t listen.

  19. I did and we did. But it made me wonder whether there would be a way to post some etiquette rules or guidelines. I know you always post about not burning out or racing and respecting the spot. Just thought it might be something to add.

  20. Where are the videos of the meets on the website?

  21. Reynaldo Chairez says:

    I have never been in a car meet….I’m 15 and have my 3rd car and I’m going to get it boosted and everything and wanna start going to meets…but I’m embarrassed of my car right now cuz it’s not boosted compared to other cars their…but soon ima boost it so can’t wait to see everyone there!.

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